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SAMii – an interactive mobile solution that manages the administration and paperwork of a creative education business; helps you to focus on your students and your music; and looks after enrolments, cancellations, scheduling, communication, reminders, payments, invoicing and basic bookkeeping for you.

“Music education is about music education, we shouldn’t need to spend so much time on the admin. Leave the admin to SAMii”



Easy Set Up, Online Enrolments and Scheduling

Everything happens for you on SAMii. After you log on, SAMii will lead you through an easy process to create a profile, your availability, your lessons, your students and your payment info. Then, you focus on creating an amazing learning experience and SAMii will focus on the administration and management of your business. SAMii will do the data entry, the chasing, the reminding and the recording – automatically.

SAMii is an interactive mobile solution that manages the admin and paperwork of a creative education business. We are very keen to keep people focused on the important area of their business which is the teaching and the creative pursuit. The paperwork is gone because everything is run through SAMii with adaptive learning algorithms and push notifications.

SAMii not only helps you manage their business, but also helps you professionalise, grow and enjoy your business so you can focus more on teaching and your creative passions.


Students of any age or ability will be given the attention they deserve in each and every lesson or interaction between student and educator.

Imagine having access to all lesson topics all in one place.

as well as being able to keep track of all these hours of learning and playing, perhaps see who is around you that is willing and able to jam and perhaps form a band.

Having music lessons is exciting and has many benefits to social wellbeing and has been proven time and time again to assist in getting better grades in school and being a better learner in general.

Being a musician can bring life long enjoyment and open up many social and career opportunities.

Being part of SAMii will get students to new musical heights sooner and without any unnecessary distractions.



SAMii enables confident communications around your child’s music education.  When your child’s educator is subscribed to SAMii, you can rest assured that the actual learning of music is the primary focus and not awkward conversations about money. 

knowing where you stand and your payment obligations should you need to cancel a lesson is important and having to question it or having your educator ask for money that you perhaps have already paid.  SAMii works for you as much as it does for the educator.  

Lesson reminders, event reminders, holiday periods and any other important memos that you should know about are shared with you when you need to know about them.  

With access to your child’s music development in a clear and understandable display is available in just a few clicks or taps, and periodic progress reports are made available to you also.

and upon choosing a music education professional, you can make an informed decision by seeing a list of educators in your area that are perfect for your child’s learning, and most importantly see any relevant clearances or academic qualification or performance experience.   

Selecting and enrolling for lessons with a perfect music education professional has never been so easy. 



Let SAMii take care of the boring bits so you can get on with the fun

Interactive Intelligence

SAMii helps you to focus on the quality of your teaching, rather than the quality of your paperwork. Let SAMii handle the paperwork for you. SAMii will also be there through the lesson to remind you about the work that your student has done through the week and help you to manage an efficient and productive lesson. SAMii loves quality music education and is designed to assist you deliver quality education.

Quality Outcomes

SAMii comes to you and with you every where you go.  SAMii is an interactive smart phone app (supported by desktop software) that helps you manage your business and teaching goals from anywhere and at anytime. One of the best things about SAMii is that SAMii comes to you. Most systems rely on you to log on and manage the system. Not SAMii. SAMii comes when you need assistance most.

Learning Resources

SAMii does the work for you and lets you know when its done. You will get automatically notified when you have a new student, and SAMii will automatically send information to the student that they need to know. You’ll know who is attending lessons, and you’ll know what they’ve been working on that week. SAMii does all the heavy lifting, you just enjoy the teaching.

Automatic Notifications

You have access to learning resources when you are a member of SAMii. Best of all SAMii will search through them and find the ones that are best for you and your students. SAMii will send you a resource that you can use to improve your service and add value for your students. You will also have access (through SAMii Pro) to business development resources. SAMii will help you to find new students and increase your profit.

Marketing is A Breeze

SAMii works with you where ever you are. SAMii is like having a PA in your pocket. With SAMii as your PA, your students will be kept up to date, their schedules will be managed, SAMii will remind them about homework, and take care of payments for you. You can get on with living and enjoying the life style that you deserve.

Work From Where Ever You Are

SAMii enables you to market your services to a broader audience and will ensure that you stand out from the pack. With a high quality profile page that allows you to demonstrate your awesomeness to potential and current students, SAMii guides you to complete a profile that engages and magnetises your ideal client. SAMii is consistently marketing the platform to potential clients and rewards its best educators by featuring them as superstars. Upload examples of your work, engage through videos and link to other platforms to promote your excellence.

Team Members

Pete Barter

Founder – Industry Expertise – Creative Design – Market Knowledge – Ideas Factory

Michelle Holland

Co Founder – Creative Thinking – Strategic Design – People Strategy – Content Generator

Philip Vafiadis

Strategic Direction – Strategic Alliances – Investor Relations – Big Biz Connector

Dave Grice

Music Industry Expert – International Relations – Marketing and Sales – Industry Connector

Michael Davis

Strategic Finance – Company Structure – Corporate Legal – Investor Relations

Zac Bailey

CTO AND Musician. Playing a pivotal role between a team of requirements analysts, developers and SAMii founders

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