Get your name on the door list.

You may have been directed to this page via a personal invite from the SAMii founder directly or a music educator friend has shared the idea of SAMii with you.

During the rollout phase of SAMii, we are trickle feeding users onto the platform.  Simply to ensure all new users – First Adopters – receive the attention they deserve and so we can watch things closely and make any adjustments necessary before unveiling to the world of music educators.

From here you can put your self on the waiting list to request a 1:1 demo or participate in an online group demo.

Prior to accessing the SAMii login page for the first time (Currently under lock and key by the founder Pete Barter) You will need to view the video below and keep an eye out for the Password/Key within the video.

Once you have your name on the door list, Pete will contact you directly to introduce SAMii. and direct you to the login page.