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Running a music education business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With SAMii by your side, you can regain control and focus on what truly matters – providing top-notch education to your students. Discover how SAMii empowers you to take charge and make your business thrive.

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Sick of spending hours on invoicing? SAMii frees you from this hassle by ensuring you’re paid promptly every week for the lessons you provide. Bid farewell to invoice-related stress and say hello to consistent cash flow.

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Introducing SAMii – the ultimate solution that makes music education administration a breeze. From effortless enrollment management to streamlined scheduling and communication, SAMii is designed to give you back control over your business.

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SAMii has already made waves by solving challenges with unprecedented efficiency. There’s no comparable solution on the market. And this is just the beginning – we’re committed to continuously enhancing SAMii to keep you in control.

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SAMii’s prowess isn’t theoretical – it’s proven. Over 10,000 lessons were managed seamlessly during our extensive beta trial. Educators were paid without a hitch, showcasing SAMii’s real-world effectiveness.

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At SAMii, we value your partnership and commitment to innovation. As an early adopter of our groundbreaking platform, we’re excited to extend an exclusive gift that demonstrates our appreciation for your support.

Unlock an Unbeatable Price For the first 500 users ONLY. early adopters will receive a fee reduction on the price to use SAMii. Instead of the regular 5.95%  fee per lesson,(or higher for future models) you’ll pay only 3.95% – for as long as you are teaching with us. This is our way of recognizing your role in shaping the future of education administration.

Secure Your Savings, Secure Your Future By taking advantage of this early adopter offer, you not only benefit from substantial savings but also secure this advantageous rate for the long haul. As our platform continues to evolve, you can rest assured that your pricing remains consistent, underscoring our commitment to your success.

Flexibility for Added Value We understand that providing value to your students is a top priority. That’s why we’re introducing an exciting option: If you choose to on charge the LOW SAMii fee to your students, you provide them with even more value. It’s a win-win situation that enhances the student experience while giving you peace of mind.

A Promise of Transparency and Control With SAMii, transparency and control are paramount. You have the authority to decide whether to on charge the SAMii fee to students or absorb into your lesson fee. This flexibility ensures your students receive the best experience while enabling you to manage your business as you see fit.

Join us as an early adopter and embrace the future of music education administration. Enjoy the rewards of a reduced fee and secure your pricing advantage for years to come. At SAMii, your success is our priority.

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